You're encouraged to vote, and vote early, in judicial primary

Calling all local Democratic voters, friends, and good citizens:

The primary election process isn't over yet!  The North Carolina legislature has scheduled a special June 7 primary that will:

 (a) Elect party nominees for U. S. House of Representative seats in the congressional districts across the state, and

(b) In a nonpartisan contest, narrow down from four to two the number of candidates for one associate justice seat on the N. C. Supreme Court. The top two vote-getters in the primary will go forward to compete on the November general election ballot.

This special primary was called after initial court rulings brought into question the legislature's redistricting and its action to change the way Supreme Court judges are elected. Changes couldn't be made before the regular primary in March.

Important to know:

  • In Cleveland County, our Democratic ballots will have onlythe non-partisan judges' candidates on it--not any candidates for Congress. Our Democratic candidate for the Tenth Congressional District, Andy Millard, has no primary opposition and his name will appear on the November general election ballot. (Republicans will vote to choose their party nominee from four candidates for Congress.)

  • The N. C. Supreme Court race is non-partisan, and the ballot will not indicate the candidates' political affiliation. See Info for that information. Of course, we Democrats hope to have on the court qualified justices who share our values and interest in sound, fair decisions as well as varied perspectives. You're encouraged to review the candidates' qualifications and, if you agree, choose a Democrat to go forward to the November ballot.

  • The early voting period for this primary is May 26-June 4, and there will be one early voting site where citizens from any county precinct may vote. The early voting site will be Bethel Baptist Church on DeKalb Street in Shelby. On Election Day June 7, voting will take place at regular precinct polling places.

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