Three Democratic candidates top ballot in November 2017 school board election

For the first time, Nov. 7 ballots for four seats on the Cleveland County Board of Education listed the party affiliation of the nine candidates. The contest was made partisan instead of non-partisan (as in the past) by action of the N. C. state legislature earlier this year. 

Election returns showed three Democrats and one Republican winning the four seats.  Democrat Phillip Glover, incumbent board chair seeking his fourth term. was the top vote-getter. Democrats  Coleman Hunt and Dena Green, both newcomers, were second and third. Republican incumbent Danny Blanton was fourth. Another Democrat, Tommy C. Greene, was just shy of the top four by some 150 votes.The school board has nine members, including five more whose terms extend to 2019. Of those five, although not elected as partisan candidates, four are registered Democrats and one is a registered Republican. So, if viewed solely by party, the Nov. 7 election will give Democrats a 7-2 majority on the board.

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