Get involved! Turn out for annual Dem precinct meetings coming up

Calling local Democrats! If you’d like to take a more active role in politics or renew your party connections, mark your calendars to attend your precinct’s annual Democratic organizational meeting coming up soon.

“The November general election and current environment has generated increased interest in politics, and we’ve had many asking how to be more actively involved,” CCDP Sheaffer says. Attending a precinct meeting, and later our county convention April 8, is a great way to connect.”  The precinct meetings are open to any interested Democrat registered in the precinct, and newcomers as well as meeting “regulars” are welcome. The meetings are free—no charge for attending. Contributions may be made to the party’s sustaining fund.  Typically, the meetings are brief--half an hour or so--and informal. 

What's a Democratic 'precinct meeting?' And what are they for, anyway? Here's a short answer. See more at Our Party: How We Work. The Democratic Party is a decades-old volunteer organization built from the grassroots up by and for people registered to vote as Democrats.  The party's formal structure consists of units organized at the precinct level and thereafter coming together as units organized at the district, state, and national levels.   The annual precinct meetings are the fundamental building block of the party. Held each spring, the annual meetings provide a way for interested Democrats to come together with others to form a precinct committee, choose leaders, discuss political issues, and elect delegates to represent the precinct at the Democratic county convention. 

The precinct chairs and vice chairs elected at precinct meetings make up the majority of the county party’s governing Executive Committee, and precinct committee members often lead and support volunteer efforts.  Also see: Our Democratic Party: How It Works

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