Annual Democratic precinct organizational meetings slated Feb. 23-27

Become a part of our Party. If you’re an active registered Democrat in Cleveland County and support progressive causes and candidates, please turn out and take part in our annual Democratic precinct organizational meetings this season. This is a great chance to get “on the inside” and get involved in what the party does.

Democratic precinct organizations are the grassroots building blocks of our party countywide, statewide, and nationwide. From them will flow the election of party leaders, policies and platforms, campaign strategies—even the nomination of our Democratic presidential candidate for 2016!

The meetings are short, free, and open to any registered Democrat living in the precinct. Invite your Dem neighbors and family to attend with you. You’ll be welcome! And your support is essential to sustaining and growing our party. In some new precincts created by mergers, we are seeking to create correspondingly new Democratic precinct organizations.

Connect with your Dem precinct organization. At threcinct meetings this month, you can expect to take part in the following:

> Biannual election of precinct officers: a chair, vice chair, secretary-treasurer, and two other precinct committee members, for two-year terms. Active leaders are always needed, and they’re important to the party. The chair and vice chair of each precinct become members of the Executive Committee that governs the Cleveland County Democratic Party’s operations. If you are interested in being nominated for one of these positions, please make that known at the meeting.

> Annual election of voting delegates to the annual county Democratic convention, scheduled April 11 this year at the County Office Building auditorium at 130 S. Post Rd. in Shelby. Please consider offering your name for election as delegate. Among important convention business items: the election to new two-year terms of county party officers and our representatives to the North Carolina Democratic Party State Executive Committee.

>  Consideration of any resolutions precinct members may offer, such as those in appreciation of a late member’s service or in support of public education. These resolutions go forward for consideration at the county Democratic Convention.

> Reports and announcements about party activities.

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