2018 Midterms

Dear fellow Democrats, As our 2018 election season comes to a close I wanted to take a moment to address our local party members. I’m sure, like me, you were probably a bit disappointed by the results coming out of Cleveland County last night. However, every single one of you who voted should feel proud. Every person who volunteered their time to phone bank, or drove a neighbor to the poles, or donated to a campaign has my most sincere thanks, & the thanks of the Democratic Party. We may not be the loudest voices here in Cleveland County, but we can still hold our heads high. We had some amazing candidates this season. David C Brinkley ran a phenomenal race, laser focused on our county’s most valuable resources; our children & their education. David Wilson Brown gave his all & introduced us to volunteers all over District 10 who I know will become amazing allies in the fight for a blue NC. Christy McCleary showed us all that no matter the obstacles, we all have a duty to stand up for what is right. David Lattimore took on an uphill battle with a glut of positivity. Chris Gash is, honestly, one of the most amazing people I have ever had the privilege to see speak. Caroline Dedmon loves Cleveland County more than anyone I have ever met. Eddie Holbrook has dedicated years to making our area as amazing as it is today. I know our judicial candidate, Ali Paksoy, will continue to serve as pillars of justice in our community. Our candidates this season were some of the most remarkable people I have ever met. While their races mark an exceptional loss for Cleveland County, I have absolutely zero doubt that each & every one of them will continue to do amazing this for our community. We are made better as a whole because of our privilege to call them our neighbors. The future is brighter today than it was yesterday, & it will be brighter still tomorrow. We have re-elected Sheriff Alan Norman & I’m sure his next term will be just as awe inspiring as his last. We have Judge Bridges, Judge Collins, Judge Hampson, & Judge Arrowood to continue the fight for justice. Our incredibly dedicated public servant, Mitzi Johnson​ will continue in her post as Clerk of Superior Court working hard at her 4th term in office. As a state, we broke the veto-proof majority in our general assembly. Checks & balances can once again ensure the consideration of progressive values. As a state, we refused to bake corruption into our constitution & ensured the Governor remains a key voice in appointments. NC did alright this midterm. On a national level we did even better. By electing a record breaking number of women, Democrats are now the House majority! 1.5 million more people in Florida now have their right to vote restored. Kansas elected the first lesbian Native American woman to congress. New York elected the youngest woman to hold a congressional seat. Democrats now have at least 7 more governors in places like Kansas, Wisconsin, & other key Midwest states. People in Michigan can buy marijuana. The funny thing about being progressive is that it’s hard to stop progress. While some areas are more resistant to change, the inevitable will always get here eventually. Through volunteering, taking an interest in local politics, and contributing to the Democratic Party you are spurring on that change. The election may be over, but politics never stops. Make a conscious effort in the upcoming year to attend a few County Commissioners meetings. Pop into a City Council session. Write to the local school board. Minority voices are still voices & it's critical that we make ours heard.

Many thanks,

Kaylynn Beaver, Chair

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